Inducted 2018


Steve Maguire is a prolific inventor, innovator and founder of Maguire Products Incorporated. Since his entry into the plastics industry in 1970, Steve has transformed and advanced the state of the art in plastic material handling technologies and systems. He developed material handling technologies that allow plastic product manufacturers to better control the preparation and utilization of the plastic materials they process. Best known as the inventor of the Maguire Weigh Scale Blender, Steve has single-handedly developed the basic concepts, system designs, and manufacturing methods for new forms of auxiliary processing equipment, including the first liquid color pump, shuttle granulator, mini-central vacuum system, gravimetric color and additive feeders to name a few. His pragmatic approach, and ability to re-think current processing systems and technologies has led to the successful design and introduction of these and other plastics auxiliary equipment technologies to the plastics industry. Steve has more than 40 patented equipment inventions to his credit. Maguire Products, Inc., which he founded to commercialize his many inventions, has become one of the leading global suppliers of auxiliary equipment for the plastics industry.

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